considering the relevant characteristics of a vulture bird


“the data is relevant !”, Johnny stormed out of the conference room.

His first day on the job at the Bureau of Grown Up Dudes … and already: problems. The gate guardsman used steady eyes to survey his tantrum, but apparently not steady enough cause the guardsman missed the smell of spray paint and the site of red letters across the front of the building: `IF YOU CAN’T TELL THE DATA IS RELEVANT, THEN MAYBE YOU SHOULD LOOK AT THE RELEVANT DATA`.

harry, the boss, brought the gate-guard, Johnny, and a janitor into his office the next day, giving the gate guard new eyeglasses and more coffee, while firing Johnny (and what do you think he told the janitor to do). But on the way out Johnny asked harry a loaded thing, “if you see a vulture are you afraid?”

read a short poem: bath bathing bird


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