Johnny challenges Tom


“fantastic fantastic”
  the choir sang in jubilee
  all the rowdy bunch shut up

except for Tom … Tom was
on a smooth talkin hunt
with this lady in the gymnasium
seats. She had her children with
her and her husband but that

didn’t stop Tom from his noisy

When the big door at
the back of the gym opened up, it was
Johnny that walked in.   He was
cowboy tired of the inappropriate
behaviors at choir concerts
everywhere. Jjjohnny had been at the
stallion pavilion just 2 buildings
away, so he was able to get to
this down-lo distraction in the time of its progress.

He worked his away across the hardwood gymnasium floor, steppin with each boot one at a time, on his way to meet the face of rowdy Tom  until big Johnny tripped over some duct tape holdin down some fuckin wires. Everybody laughed and the concert halted, but that didn’t stop Johnny from gettin back up to his feet and leaving quietly out that door.

try: mrs. zimmerman’s saffron


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